About Shibumi

Shibumi Real Estate is a leading boutique company providing marketing and consultancy services in the field of unique and exclusive real estate.

Since its establishment in 1997, the company has accompanied its clients in the sale and purchase of some of the most beautiful of singular properties in Israel, based on the life style most suiting to each of its clients.  Among the properties handled by the company are luxurious estates, 30 dunam agricultural estates, private farms, auxiliary farms, villas and luxury homes, luxury apartments, penthouses and seafront properties.


Selling/ buying residential real estate is usually the most significant transaction a person makes in their private lives.

At Shibumi, we accompany our clients throughout this important process, while providing consultation which significantly contributes to making the right decision and to a successful transaction. This is true for all properties, but it is particularly true when the Israel land authority  properties are in question and agricultural farms and estates.

One of the company’s real estate specialties is the rural, moshav sector, and the marketing and sales of agricultural estates/ farms. This sector is facing significant change which shall bring about new opportunities. In layman terms, the process in question is the capitalization of residential lots (acquisition fee), the possibility of parcellation, easement, and expansion of building options and more.

This field requires in-depth understanding of the legal and tax aspects as well as in regard to the Israel Land Authority publications and resolutions. Currently, and as a result of the fact that resolution 979 was approbated by the supreme court in 2011 but has not yet been implemented, professional advice and guidance on the subject are more necessary than ever.

As a first step in the process of selling/ buying a property, we are happy to provide our clients with free, preliminary consultation, with no obligation on the part of the client, including legal advice, in order to do away with the question marks and bring the property owner and our clients to a point in which any decision they make is based on reliable information and familiarity with all the costs involved in going through with the transaction.

In many cases, the correct advice can save both parties a great deal of money. A large part of the success has to do with properly planning the transaction, preparation of the proper documents and the correct presentation of matters to the authorities, including the administration.

The Shibumi Real Estate team has the experience and ability to analyze and plan any transaction and obtain the best results for you.

We would love to invite you to a fully discrete, non-binding introductory meeting.


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